Build your career the RIGHT way!


College plays a crucial role in career building. It is the time when you discover your true potential by exploring things around the campus and your learning becomes specific to your stream.

Before applying for any college, its important that you do your research. Make a list of all the colleges that offer your course. Also read the course curriculum of all the colleges in your list and see what all electives they have mentioned. Also check if they are offering a flexible course where you have the choice to opt for different subjects along with the main subjects of your field or is it a rigid course where you don't have a say.

After joining the college, choose your electives wisely on the basis of your evaluation of self.

During this time, its important that you get the most out of your college and your time. Take advantage of all campus career resources, look for opportunities. Don't hold yourself back. Do internships which will help you gain first hand experience in your field and it will also help you understand your field of work better and in detail. You can also enroll yourself for various on campus researches or you can assist your professors in various projects. This can prove to be a great learning opportunity for you. Practical knowledge is very important.

As you reach in your final year, you should start preparing for company recruitment interviews. All the things mentioned above will help with your interview as employers prefer experienced candidates while recruiting.