Why career counselling at the right time is essential?

Why career counselling at the right time is essential?

By Sreeya Raha

Career is like a butterfly. It is like a linear trajectory that needs grooming at the right time at different developmental stages. 

​Life is a race and transition can happen any moment. Today when the world is so uncertain and survives on a competitive world, we see people facing dilemmas with respect to their vocational choices.  Career counselling and Guidance framework at the right time is very much needed. Knowing the right way of integrating the theoretical and practical perspectives of career counselling is essential for both the career practitioners, psychologists, human resource practitioners, consultants as well as the clients. Personal career counselling at the right time has proven to be an effective means of identifying multidimensional needs of the long-term unemployed and supporting their process towards education and employment. Career is a dynamic process and unfolds throughout life.

​In developing countries like India, a large number of students go to colleges without proper planning. Many a times they choose their main subject or area of study based on their performance in examinations and not rather on their area of interest. They even think of selecting a career after finishing their education. Parents play an important role in selecting a child’s career and area of study and this often leads to a conflict later on when the child faces lack of interest in the subject or performs poorly. In order to overcome this, a great deal of  well-organised guidance and strategic programs needs to be implemented at various levels starting from school to vocational. The societal needs and demands are constantly under transformations and becoming complex and without any counselling programs it is not easy for a child to cope with the changes that constantly happens and hence guidance programs at all levels is required for every aspect of their harmonious development. Family intervention at the right moment throughout various developmental stages are essential for a healthy career growth. 

​Career counselling today has become common for individuals to seek help and be able to deal their problems in an emotionally intelligent way. Career in today’s world has become a phenomena through which people must find constructive ways to navigate through it. Ways of crossing the uncertainty, blurring boundaries , lack of security needs to be addressed at the right time. With the changes in the type of work, education and the environment people need to adjust to these changes using emotionally constructive ways. 





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