Build your career the RIGHT way!

What you need to know

School has a significant impact on career progression. It aids in the development of skills and cognitive abilities in children and builds the groundwork for a bright future.

It is important to discover your area of interest, talents, and aptitude while in school. . You must conduct extensive research into the various streams and the details related to them. The necessity of detailed strength and weakness analysis cannot be overstated

It is not advisable to choose a stream based on peer pressure, friendship, or any other factor. Your career should be your top priority; everything else should be a secondary consideration. You can always talk to your parents, teachers, or anyone you feel comfortable with regarding your career decisions.


Chose the stream

It is very important at this stage to choose the right stream for your future career path. Wrong choice can set you on a wrong path for long.

Choose the school

Right school is the one where you find your tribe. It may or may not be most popular or most expensive. It should be the one that encourages you to experiment and express yourself.

Develop Study Habits

Right study habits can help you learn more in less time. Express yourself better and get better marks.

Focus on overall development

Don't lose the sight of woods for trees. Good marks are just one piece of the puzzle for student life. It is equally important to do other things like sports, hobbies and developing healthy social relationships.