Q1) What is the duration of 1 session?

Ans. 1 Hour

Q2) What documents do I need for a counselling session?

Ans. All your transcripts till now.

Q3) What difference would career counselling make for teenagers?

Ans. Career Counselling would provide the guidance one requires to make an informative decision to choose a career path.

Q4) How do they suggest which career would be the best for me?

Ans. Counsellors conduct a series of psychometric tests to know about your interest and aptitude, two most important things to make a decision about career.

Q5) Why is it not mandatory after 10th, 12th?

Ans. Career Counselling is for those who are struggling to decide what they want to do in the future with respect to their career. There are students who have a clear mind and don’t need it.

Q6) How can I schedule my session?

Ans. To book a session follow the link,, select a counsellor and book a session with them.